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A Good Kennel Is A Must For Dogs

A Kennel is a must have if you have a pet dog at home as animals are extremely sensitive to their environment and if your pet has a kennel of their own, it would make them feel comfortable and safe. A kennel can act as your pet dog’s permanent home of its own within your home or outside in the garden, whatever suits you and your pet.

What you need to know is that at Moorholme Pet Transport Pty Ltd they have separate kennels for each pet and each has a little garden area outside, where the pet can play and off course the built in space for it to sleep in peacefully. Each unit area at MOORHOLME is about eight meters long designed especially to easily keep in puppies to fully grown up dogs. And they also have staff members allocated to each and every pet that would ensure that your pet is taken care of, properly fed and washed and played with. For dogs who are interested in playing and running, they have a separate built in space and equipment as per standards set up by the government.

Cleanliness of the pets as well as the place their kept in is ensured through regular cleaning and disinfection sprays to protect them from any kind of disease or infection. The beds that they sleep on are checked so that the dogs can sleep peacefully and comfortably, the blankets that are given to the pest are also regularly washed. Also they have all kinds of medication in case there is an emergency situation but it is given under supervision of an experienced doctor who would examine the pet before prescribing a particular medicine. The purpose of providing all such facilities and services to your pet is that they feel at home even if they are away from home. And one thing that is specific to home is the food that one gets to eat at home; similar is the case with dogs as well, so their food is kept in stock in the pantry as well as in the refrigerator and is served in exactly the same manner and quantity you give them at home.

In addition to the food that you would want to give your pet, at MOORHOLME they have a wide variety of dog food that is required by various dog breeds. Moreover, they also have special meals planned as per your pet’s nutritional intake requirement. Before a dog leaves, it is given a bath and if your dog has any sort of infection or allergy, it is kept separately in care and is given a bath only if doctor permits so. In case your pet has not been vaccinated and you allow for it, the team at MOORHOLME will ensure that the pet is vaccinated as per the age chart and if vaccination was in due course when the pet came to them, they will complete the course, as it is vital for your pets health and life. MOORHOLME also provides pick up services as well as drop off in case you live far away or have conveyance issues.

A Good Kennel Is A Must For Dogs
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