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Uses Of Timber

Uses of timber

Timber is the most common wood used in the building of a foundational structure and furniture and an array of other stuff. It is used on a large scale because of its property of being hard and resistance to any type of stress laid upon it. The most common uses of timber are as follows:

  1. Timber extracted from forests is mostly used as fuel. It is used around the world but the amount used varies from country to country. Countries in South America and America use a relatively higher amount of timber because their consumption rate is higher. While, the countries which have other alternatives such as coal have a relatively lower consumption.
  2. A huge amount of timber is also used in the construction. Apart from using huge amounts of concrete, steel and other products with high resistance, timber is also used in the laying foundation of houses, bridges etc. Since Science is constantly evolving, few new materials have been made to try to replace timber but with the population of world increasing on an abnormal basis, the construction business is forced to incorporate the use of timber in their projects.
  3. Timber is also used in the production of timber crates for the purpose of storage and if you need to send your goods off for delivery but are worried they might get damaged or ruined wile in transit, our timber crates are the solution for you. At Reclaim timber, we assure you that we use the highest quality of timber in our timber crates which would not break or be damaged even in the cases of putting duress on it.
  4. Timber is also used in the industry of pulping and paper. In the process of pulping, both types of timber- hardwood and softwood can be used but since softwood is easy to use. Hence, it is far more common to use softwood than hardwood. Wood consists of two materials namely cellulose and lignin and pulping is the process which allows the extraction of cellulose since it is the product used in the production of paper. The cellulose from the softwood is then given off to companies which later use it in the formation of papers. There are three ways for turning the softwood into pulp and these are as follows:
  5. Chemical process: This is the most used way to extract pulp from the softwood but is far more costly than the mechanical process. It is used widely because it uses an array of raw materials for extraction.
  6. Mechanical process: Mechanical process is a rather easy and cost effective method but it is not used on a large scale because of the drawbacks it poses. It is only effective to use for softwood and would not work on hardwood. Secondly, its waste material production is minor but the waste can’t be used in the production of paper because of its extremely low quality.

If you are in the production business and need something for the deliveries and storage of raw material, our timber crates are the product you’re looking for. If you’re still indecisive over which products to use, call us today and tell us your requirements and we would let you know which of our products would suit you. 

Uses Of Timber
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